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Aestival Solstice performed in Malmö

100325, 20:00, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden

Aestival Solstice for two recorders and tape is performed in a version without carillon at Klubb C-Y:18. Also impro by Klaverdal  on laptop on several other pieces.

Performance of Celestial Mechanics

091221, 18.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

Performance of the Carillon piece Celestial Mechanics by carillon player Martin Hasselgren in celebration of winter solstice in Malmö.

First performance of piece for recorders, carillon and electronics

090621, 20.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of Aestival Solstice for two recorders, Carillon and electronics as a part of the concert ”Recorder Bells”. Performance by Annie Lönngren and Ida Höög (recorders) and Martin Hasselgren (carillon).