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Songs of Insanity in Halmstad

100911, 19.00-01.00, Stadsbiblioteket, Halmstad, Sweden

Performance and installation of Songs of Insanity and associated works during ”Kulturnatten”. Installation with sound and video and other pieces in combination with the actual performance-opera. During the evening, three versions of the work-in-progress will be performed by Lisa Hansson, voice and Stefan Klaverdal, computer.

Mozart remix at Dagens Nyheter!

100806 and onwards at www.dn.se/remixer

SMPHN rmx, a newly composed remix of Mozart symphony no. 40 by Stefan Klaverdal can be enjoyed at http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/musik/stefan-klaverdal-loopar-ratt-mozart-1.1149059. Read more about the remix project at DN.se
Also available at youtube.

First performance of male choir piece with Lihkören

100503, 1930, Pingstkyrkan, Motala, Sweden

First performance of the commission from the University of Linköping: for the love of money. Première with the male choir Lihkören and conductor Hans Lundgren. The piece is built on lyrics by Joshua Norton, or Norton I of the United States of America.

Portrait in concert and pre-CD release

100426, 19.00, Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden

Concert with music by Klaverdal. Performance of eyes like a flame of fire with Annie Lönngren on recorder, a home for demons with Johan Westerberg and Christian Ekstedt and first performance of The Sacred Family with the string quartet Vindla.

The music is from the CD ”Revelations” that will be released on C-Y contemporary very soon, containing the revelation pieces – chamber music for few instruments and computer/electronics thematically derived from the book of revelation and the mentioned string quartet. News on the actual release will be posted soon!

Aestival Solstice performed in Malmö

100325, 20:00, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden

Aestival Solstice for two recorders and tape is performed in a version without carillon at Klubb C-Y:18. Also impro by Klaverdal  on laptop on several other pieces.

Performance of Celestial Mechanics

091221, 18.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

Performance of the Carillon piece Celestial Mechanics by carillon player Martin Hasselgren in celebration of winter solstice in Malmö.

First performance of ”He fell to the ground” at Haydn celebration

091118, 1930, Palladium, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of He fell to the ground for chamber orchestra, celebrating Haydn. The piece draws inspiration from Haydns 103rd symphony, and is composed on commission to Malmö Kammarorkester (Malmö Chamber orchestra), conducted by Alexander Einarsson.

In the same concert several electronic pieces will be performed, as well as versions of all 104 symphonies by Haydn.

The concert will also be recorded for later broadcast of Swedish Radio P2

New piece premiered at Malmö Academy of Music

090524, 19.30, Rosenbergssalen, Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö

And when I turned is premiered by Ensemble for New Music and conductor Anna Rombach from Sibelus Academy. The piece is composed especially to the ensemble and is included on a CD to be released during summer 2009.