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Performance of ”Dual Chant”

091027, 1930, Palladium, Malmö

Dual Chant for violin and computer is performed by Björn Kleiman (violin) at a concert with Swedish music. Also, an artfilm inspired from the music by Pekka Persson is screened simultaneously, as well as other video works by tromlov.

Other music in the concert is composed by Larsson Gothe, de Frumerie, Stenhammar and others.

Performance of Dual Chant in London

090203, 1930, Swedish Hall Concerts in London, UK
Performance of Dual Chant by Björn Kleiman, violin.  Swedish Hall Concerts

Performance of Eurydice in Göteborg (Gothenburg)

081029, 19.00, Atalante, Göteborg, Sweden
The Swedish Duo (Björn Kleiman, vl and Johan Hugosson, pi) performs The Longing of Eurydice (for violin, piano and electronics) at the concert series of Levande musik at Atalante in Gothenburg.