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Slow Motion at Norberg festival

160730, Norberg, Sweden

Slow Motion – a new electronic glissando-drone-piece for two-channel fixed media is premiered at Norberg Festival in a showcase curated by Daniel M Karlsson.

Metallotråd in Malmö

140830, 1500 and 1700, LOKALITET, Malmö

Metallotråd, a collaborative exploring project with artist Leif Homstrand and cellist Stefan Moberg is performed in a mix between a troll, yarn, metal, cello, computer, video noise, drones and sensors at LOKALITET.

Drone music performed by Serendipity Ensemble

120215, 19:30, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden

Drone music is performed by Serendipity ensemble at the concert arranged by FRIM/Syd, an organization for improvised music in Sweden.

Consensus Music performed by ENM

120215, 19:00, Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö, Sweden

Consensus music is performed by the Ensemble for New Music.

Drone and Beat music performed by Liveelektronikensemblen

120209, 19:00 Malmö Music Academy, Sweden

Drone Music and the new piece Beat Music is performed at the very first concert ever with Liveelektronikensemblen, an ensemble for live electronic music at the Malmö Music Academy.