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Ser du människa? in Malmö

20121123-20121124, 20:00, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden

Meditation guided by Per Löfberg. Very limited number of seats. Preregistration via e-mail at stefan AT c-y.se.
This is part of C-Ys interdisciplinary festival, see more here.

4 speakers, 4 distance sensors (IR), computer, specially designed hardware.
The sound is based on recordings of actors Per Löfberg and Kerstin Andersson reading from the Book of Revelations and more. The installation is interactive, meaning that you as audience can change it by your placement in the room.

The installation Ser du människa? in a part of a larger project including a choir piece and mass during Lund International Choral Festival and readings of the texts in relation to the installation.

First performance of Resonate

120128, 2030, Palladium, Malmö, Sweden

During a Pianomarathon, organized by C-Y (contemporary) the new commission by Swedish Arts Council Resonate – a reconstruction of fragments from Beethoven Sonate op. 27. is performed by Karolina Sandell and Julia Sigova. The piece is composed to be performed by one student and one professional pianist.

First performance by Øresund Brass Band

110515, 17:00, Tangopalatset, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of commission ”Music for Caves/A kind of rebirth” for brass band, evolving around survivors and victims in caves and mines. Performance by Øresund Brass Band conducted by Jonas Nydesjö in the concert ”Exploding Brass”, who also play new pieces by Daniel Hjorth and Ida Lundén.

Also live performance by Klaverdal and the other composers present with live remixes of other pieces during the same concert.

Performance of Consensus Music at Klubb C-Y:23

110426, 20:00, Bastionen, Malmö, Sweden

Consensus Music is performed by ContemporarY Ensemble in the concert Klubb C-Y:23, reCall.

Performance of Celestial Mechanics

091221, 18.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

Performance of the Carillon piece Celestial Mechanics by carillon player Martin Hasselgren in celebration of winter solstice in Malmö.

Release of new CD with music for tuba

091126, 20:00, Nya Tröls, Malmö, Sweden
”Release the Electric tuba”

Release of new CD with Kjetil Myklebust, ”Electric Tuba” containing the piece I heard behind me a loud voice. The CD also contains small interludes by Klaverdal.

Also first performance of the piece during the release, as well as performance of drone-installation by I.D.A.S. with Klaverdal on laptop!

Performance of ”Dual Chant”

091027, 1930, Palladium, Malmö

Dual Chant for violin and computer is performed by Björn Kleiman (violin) at a concert with Swedish music. Also, an artfilm inspired from the music by Pekka Persson is screened simultaneously, as well as other video works by tromlov.

Other music in the concert is composed by Larsson Gothe, de Frumerie, Stenhammar and others.

First performance of piece for recorders, carillon and electronics

090621, 20.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of Aestival Solstice for two recorders, Carillon and electronics as a part of the concert ”Recorder Bells”. Performance by Annie Lönngren and Ida Höög (recorders) and Martin Hasselgren (carillon).

New performance of ”eyes like a flame of fire”

090528, 20.00, Nya Tröls, Malmö

eyes lika flame of fire for soprano recorder and computer is performed again by Annie Lönngren at Klubb C-Y!

Performance of percussion piece in Malmö

081030, 20.00, Nya Tröls, Malmö, Sweden
First performance of the piece ”a home for demons” for percussion and computer by the percussion duo Westerberg/Andreasson at the Klubb C-Y:9. The piece is written for the unusual very small percussion setup drum sticks and a table.