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Klaverdal receives music prize

20161009, Hjärnarp church, Sweden

Stefan Klaverdal receives the music prize to the memory of Finka-Kalen.


Scores on exhibit in London

150914-150928, Proud Archivist Gallery, London, UK

Exhibition of the collection ”Closet Music” by Janet Oates, containing several scores by Stefan Klaverdal.

Find it at the Proud Archivist Gallery!

The Little Weaving Opera in London

150613, Spitalfields festival, London, UK

The Little Weaving Opera with Lisa Hansson and Stefan Klaverdal is performed at Spitalfields in London, three performances at 1230, 1400, 1530.


New piece for cello and piano in Japan

140712, Tokyo, Japan

thoughs and reflections is premiered by Kiyo Wada (piano) and Klas Gagge (cello) during a festival for Swedish music hosted by the japanese Friends of Stenhammar in Tokyo, Japan.

the piece was commissioned by Friends of Stenhammar.

Read more here!


Klaverdal on radio

130705 on air in Swedish Radio P2

Guest appearance in Swedish Radio Show ”Musikalismer”.


Metallotråd performance

140607 Frihamnsviadukten, Malmö, Sweden

The project ”Metallotråd” is an experimental collaboration between artist Leif Holmstrand, cellist Stefan Moberg and composer Stefan Klaverdal where we explore what three artists from different disciplines can create together.

The goal is to create a performantive and sounding work that relate to the confines of the hectic outer world and tries to dissolve it with manic time-consuming action. Can you with art go against the feeling that everything has to be as fast as possible? Metallotråd works with cello, a room full of threads and yarn, electronic music, sensors and possibly a sewing machine. One part is also interaction with audience. We invite visitors to participate, to explore the boundaries between performer and audience.

The work takes time. Both to create and to experience.


LP release on Fylkingen records

140301, www.fylkingen.se

Three loops on this one-sided LP in white vinyl with 360 locked grooves by various Fylkingen artists!

FYLP 1033, 2013

Buy LP here

Merry Christmas / God Jul!

Now! at vimeo.com

Candle Music, sound installation with candle, light sensor, recorded piano, computer, software

Candle Music | Stefan Klaverdal (2013) from Stefan Klaverdal on Vimeo.

Performance at C-Y FESTIVAL

131123, 15:00 and 19:00, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden

Performance at C-Y FESTIVAL ”Electro|Beat|Performance” in Malmö. At 1500 with ENM, performance of Delay Music. At 1900 solo performance with RESTRUCTION, a collection of remixes and reconstructions of well-known music, from Mozart to Bryan Adams.

New choral piece in Vadstena

20130525, 1800, Vadstena klosterkyrka, Sweden

Rosa Rorans Bonitatem, a new piece for choir and optional computer is premiered. The piece is based on or referring to St. Birgitta especially written to the church (with 7 seconds of reverberation!) and commissioned by the choir Mälarton from Stockholm.

Other pieces by Klaverdal: Hör, rösten från himlen (choir version and version for solo and piano),  Klart porlande vatten, När nattens mörker föll. Also live performance by Klaverdal.