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New piece at Morup Music Days

20130511, Morup, Falkenberg, Sweden

Jag ville vara en annan,  a new piece on lyrics by Per Lagerkvist for Essens:1 and choir is performed in a program with arrangements by Klaverdal of several other classical and popular tunes. Read more here.

Pieces by Klaverdal: Jag ville vara en annan, All is full of love (Björk – arr), O Virtus Sapientiae (Hildegard von Bingen), Misrau Ca (only Essens:1)


Den lilla vävoperan in Hålehall

20130427, Hålehallstugan, HImmelstorp, Sweden

Performance of Den Lilla Vävoperan (The Small Weaving Opera), an opera or performance act on weaving. Dreams, myths, facts and fantasies are woven together with music, sounds, videos and objects. Looms are made into instruments and instruments are made into looms.

More info here!

Den Lilla Vävoperan (The Small Weaving Opera) | Lisa Hansson/Stefan Klaverdal from Stefan Klaverdal on Vimeo.

Liten Statymusik on CD in the UK

121120, www.cuillinsoundmusic.co.uk

Liten Statymusik (Small Statue-music) is released on CD by woodwind trio Cullin Sound in the UK for international distribution. Read more at their webpage!

Choir piece in Helsingborg

120601, 18:00, Den gode herdens kyrka, Helsingborg, Sweden

Vägen framför andra is performed with Ängelholms Vokalensemble and Robert Hallberg (cond.).

[Gud?] – thoughtful music in Malmö

120525, 21:00, St Johannes Kyrka, Malmö, Sweden

[Gud?] Eftertänksam musik – en visuell meditation / Thoughtful music – a visual meditation

This is not a concert. It is not a sermon or a play. Perhaps it is a kind of being, or a possibility to receive music and visual scenography in a moment of stillness, reflection and inspiration.The event consists of new music for voice, bass clarinet, organ and computer in combination of visual scenography with video, lights, shadow play and much more.

Concept: Thomas Romlöv and Stefan Klaverdal
Music by Stefan Klaverdal, performed by Mia Hjorth (voice), Natalie Eriksson (bass klarinet), Robert Hallberg (organ) and Stefan Klaverdal (computer)
Visual Scenography and more by Claes Eriksson and Thomas Romlöv

First performance of Play Music with ensemble KROCK

120317, 2100, MAF, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of the piece Play Music written to electric guitar ensemble KROCK in a project initiated by the society C-Y (ContemporarY). The piece was in an earlier form published in the magazine OEI during 2011.

Drone music performed by Serendipity Ensemble

120215, 19:30, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden

Drone music is performed by Serendipity ensemble at the concert arranged by FRIM/Syd, an organization for improvised music in Sweden.

Consensus Music performed by ENM

120215, 19:00, Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö, Sweden

Consensus music is performed by the Ensemble for New Music.

Drone and Beat music performed by Liveelektronikensemblen

120209, 19:00 Malmö Music Academy, Sweden

Drone Music and the new piece Beat Music is performed at the very first concert ever with Liveelektronikensemblen, an ensemble for live electronic music at the Malmö Music Academy.

First performance of The Sound I Heard

120129, 16.00, Sparebankens Festsal, Nordlysfestivalen in Tromsø, Norway

First performance of The Sound I heard for flute, guitar and electronics, composed to David Härenstam. Performance with Peter Fridholm. More on the concert here.