there will be earthquakes

(Mark 13:8)

La folia for electric violin, computer

Commission by Elucian/Violin Variations and Swedish Arts Grants Council

Duration approx 11 min.

Music by Stefan Klaverdal




Explanation of the electronics can be obtained from the composer


This commission was very interesting, since the goal was to create a piece of only 16 bars, based on the old famous 16 bar fragment La folia. The old melody have been the base for hundreds of variations, and it is easy to feel intimidated by the sheer number of masterpieces.

The piece turned out to be more or less writing itself, and rather than variations, it takes the form of a slow organic form.


The title refer to some of the qualities of the outcome, I felt it to be related to both stillness, calm as well as a kind of perspective of pain. The title is a quote from Mark 13:8.