Författararkiv: Stefan

album nominated for prize

2020-02-14, 19:00, Nalen, Stockholm

annual growth rings, the album created with fiddler Mats Edén is nominated for best experimental album at the Manifest-gala, the independent labels Grammy-equivalent in Sweden.

New song premiered all across Sweden

2019-12-01 to 08, various times

Det är advent, a new song for either solo or choir premiered in various constellations all across Sweden. The music is based on the lyrics for an old Swedish hymn (Det är advent), and was composed to the choir Mälarton in Stockholm.

New album!

190906 online an in stores

annual growth rings, a new album featuring Mats Edén on strings and Stefan Klaverdal on computer is released. Can be listened to anywhere streaming music is available. Physical album can be ordered from amazon or dynamik.