Ser du människa? – sound installation in Lund

20121010-20121020 Sound Installation in Lunds Domkyrka, the Crypt

4 speakers, 4 distance sensors (IR), computer, specially designed hardware.
The sound is based on recordings of actors Per Löfberg and Kerstin Andersson reading from the Book of Revelations and more. The installation is interactive, meaning that you as audience can change it by your placement in the room.

The installation in a part of a larger project including a choir piece and mass during Lund International Choral Festival and readings of the texts in relation to the installation.

Live readings of the texts will be done
10/10 18:00 Lunds Domkyrka, crypt
20/10 14:00 Lunds Konsthall
20/10 20:00 Lunds Domkyrka, crypt

Event for choir, actors, computer and mass
20/10 22:00 Lunds Domkyrka

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