Etikettarkiv: duo

Portrait in concert and pre-CD release

100426, 19.00, Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden

Concert with music by Klaverdal. Performance of eyes like a flame of fire with Annie Lönngren on recorder, a home for demons with Johan Westerberg and Christian Ekstedt and first performance of The Sacred Family with the string quartet Vindla.

The music is from the CD ”Revelations” that will be released on C-Y contemporary very soon, containing the revelation pieces – chamber music for few instruments and computer/electronics thematically derived from the book of revelation and the mentioned string quartet. News on the actual release will be posted soon!

First performance of piece for recorders, carillon and electronics

090621, 20.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of Aestival Solstice for two recorders, Carillon and electronics as a part of the concert ”Recorder Bells”. Performance by Annie Lönngren and Ida Höög (recorders) and Martin Hasselgren (carillon).