[Gud?] – thoughtful music in Malmö

120525, 21:00, St Johannes Kyrka, Malmö, Sweden

[Gud?] Eftertänksam musik – en visuell meditation / Thoughtful music – a visual meditation

This is not a concert. It is not a sermon or a play. Perhaps it is a kind of being, or a possibility to receive music and visual scenography in a moment of stillness, reflection and inspiration.The event consists of new music for voice, bass clarinet, organ and computer in combination of visual scenography with video, lights, shadow play and much more.

Concept: Thomas Romlöv and Stefan Klaverdal
Music by Stefan Klaverdal, performed by Mia Hjorth (voice), Natalie Eriksson (bass klarinet), Robert Hallberg (organ) and Stefan Klaverdal (computer)
Visual Scenography and more by Claes Eriksson and Thomas Romlöv

Opening of sound installations in Lund

100310, 14.00, Barn och Ungdomssjukhuset i Lund / Childrens Hospital in Lund, Sweden

Opening of three permanent sound installations commissioned by the hospital. The pieces are part of a project called ”Sinnesupplevelser” (approx. ”Exeriences of your Senses”) The titles are: Elefantpiano/Elephant piano, Tecknad spegel/Drawn mirror and Sommar/Summer.