New sound installations in Linköping

2017-september, Vallastaden, Linköping, Sweden

”Väsen” four new permanent installations with sonic art is premiered in a new park for the large-scale housing and society exhibition (and a future part of the city) Vallastaden Expo.

Väsen is situated in the park ”Paradiset” located in Vallastaden and is inspired from old Scandinavian folklore, producing sounds from imagined entities living in the park, but also inspired from sounds and music relating to Linköping as a city.

september 1st: Opening for artworks
september 2nd: Grand opening of the housing exhibition

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Sound installation in Ängelholm

170220-170305 Vårdcentralen Laxen, Ängelholm, Sweden
Sound installation ”Birds 1-2” in the entrance to a Health center in Ängelholm.
The first week hosts version 1 with tuned birds singing, the second week hosts musical interpretations of birds in a different area of the entrance.

The installation is part of the work as artist-in-residence at the hospital of Ängelholm

Photo 2_small

Opening of sound installations in Lund

100310, 14.00, Barn och Ungdomssjukhuset i Lund / Childrens Hospital in Lund, Sweden

Opening of three permanent sound installations commissioned by the hospital. The pieces are part of a project called ”Sinnesupplevelser” (approx. ”Exeriences of your Senses”) The titles are: Elefantpiano/Elephant piano, Tecknad spegel/Drawn mirror and Sommar/Summer.