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New piece at Morup Music Days

20130511, Morup, Falkenberg, Sweden

Jag ville vara en annan,  a new piece on lyrics by Per Lagerkvist for Essens:1 and choir is performed in a program with arrangements by Klaverdal of several other classical and popular tunes. Read more here.

Pieces by Klaverdal: Jag ville vara en annan, All is full of love (Björk – arr), O Virtus Sapientiae (Hildegard von Bingen), Misrau Ca (only Essens:1)


First performance of Misrau Ca with Essens:1

120318, 1215, Helsingborg Concert Hall, Helsingborg, Sweden

Misrau Ca is premièred by the duo Essens:1 (Ian Peaston and Per Johansson). The piece is composed for electric violin and amplified clarinet with computers and was commissioned by Essens:1 and the Swedish Arts Grants Council during 2011.