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and then I saw

Nagging for trumpet, percussion computer


Stefan Klaverdal


Score as PDF-file

Computer part as mp3

Computer part may be sent via e-mail also




CD can be ordered from here


About the piece

The piece is about the feeling of wonder, when encountering something incomprehensible. The title (and the label for the last part) is from the book of revelation, the first part has the label “...and there before me was a door standing open in heaven.”

And is thus referring to, perhaps, first bewilderment and later on wonder and rapture.


In writing this piece, I wanted to continue on an experiment regarding beats. I wanted to use repeating (western-type) patterns, but making a piece very close to the Indian Raga in terms of form and build.  However, I also wanted to make a piece that did not repeat itself. A contradiction it may seem, but using a technique of expanding and retracting rhythms built on the golden mean, I hope I have made a piece seemingly repeating, without ever repeating.


It is maybe also a piece about nagging. The nagging aspect refers mostly to the technique talked about above, and also meaning that it might be annoying with repeats like children going on about stuff they want, but I find it very interesting that in music, the same rules don't apply. What would normally become nagging, turns into something else. Stylistically something also happens to the music when it is repeated. It starts morphing into other unexpected forms.


First performed in Malmö, march 27th 2008 by Per Ivarsson (trumpet) and Núria Andorrą (perc).




Technical information:

The Percussion is made up of one set of bongos, played with sticks. If desired it can be replaced with two of the smallest tom-toms. The beat on the rim (indicated in the score) is to sound like wood and may be played on a woodblock if desired.


To play the computer part, the patch for MAX/MSP is needed from the composer.

It is not self-sufficient, and will need a player through the performance to operate it.


One will also need a computer capable of running the MAX/MSP runtime environment.

The patch is only tested on Apple computers, and will run nicely on a G4 867MHz.

A soundcard with one in and two out is also needed. It has to be set to very low latency.


Other equipment:

A PA-system with two smaller speakers (Genelec 1029 or equivalent) to be placed as close to the soloist as possible.

A microphone for the trumpet connected to the soundcard

A microphone for the bongos connected to the PA-system