Sound installation

Gallery version:

2 speakers, CD player, recorded sounds and interviews from Malmš

Public spaces-version:

CD-player with built-in speakers, recorded sounds and interviews from Malmš



During 2000 I was selected with a few other artists to represent Malmš in the International art biennial Artgenda 2000 in Helsinki, Finland.

My piece was "Compliments" and was an audio fingerprint from Malmš, based on interviews with residents on the topic of their favorite sounds. Some people tended to prefer sirens or dusting machines, others birds, but one thing that returned now and then in the various talks was compliments from one person to another.

I recorded various compliments as well as selected favored sounds from the soundscape of Malmš, then edited them together into a 20-minute composition.


"Compliments" was then exhibited in four places in Helsinki, at Makasiinii, in the big official exhibition spaces, but also at a number of secret but public places, such as toilets (one at Makasiini), at Lasipalatsi, and the cafŽ at Swedish theatre.


The piece was also shown in Malmš at Panora after the premiere in Helsinki.