De Upplysta (The enlightened)

Interactive theatre and dance play

Music for 15 scenes with 21 speakers

EAM and vocal music

Duration : approx 3 hours

Stefan Klaverdal



Malm-based Theatre InSite works with site-specific interactive theatre. This was by far their largest set ever, covering an area of approx. 160000 sqm.
De Upplysta was a sci-fi version of Joseph Conrads
ӈeart of DarknessӠand was an immersive 3 hours performance where my electronic and vocal music was present during the whole play. The actual play was something in-between theatre, performance and a dance piece.

I am releasing some of the electronic music later this year as well as a score of the vocal music.

Matthias Thorbjrnsson (dir) Maria Reihs (text), Emma Ribbing (dance) Peter berg, Elin Rusk, Gabriel Flores Jair (acting), Niclas Fransson, Ilkka Hik (lights and scenography)


One of the vocal/choir pieces created for this performance included the audience and can be performed independently:

Catharsis (2016)

7-20 min






Images from the performance: