Dual Chant

violin and computer (or prerecorded medium)


Stefan Klaverdal


Score as PDF-file

Recording as mp3

Computer part as mp3



About the piece

This piece is at heart all about passion, seeking paths in music in the serene passion in old chant as well as the more intense in the romantic idiom.

So, in a sense it is also about duality between different expressions. It is also about the duality between the traditional expression represented by the violin and the newer computer. It is, however, also trying to blend the violin and the computer into a complete whole.


First performed may 2003 by Hanna Magnusson (vl) in Caroli church, Malm


Recordings available at

Unknown Public UP17, ÒRe-inventedÓ

Bjrn Kleiman vl. Live recording (extract only)


C-Y contemporary CY0701, Dr Caligari

Bjrn Kleiman vl.




Technical requirments


To play the computer part one need

an Apple computer (at least G3)

MAX/msp software version 4.0

optional soundcard (to enhance output quality)

PA system of two channels

one (condenser) microphone to amplify the violin

It is preferable to amplify the violin (using a microphone) in the same system as outputs the computer, in order to blend the two parts properly.


The computer part only outputs pre-recorded material, divided in 18 sections. The numbering of these sections correlates to the enclosed numbering in the score.

In order to play the piece the musician playing the computer part but has to follow the violin. All sections are able to overlap each other, and all are also slightly longer than necessary, to prevent unintended pauses in the music.

More often than not the computer part is not entirely accurate represented in the score.


Please regard the score only as a means of correlating the violin part to the computer.


A (static) version for CD/tape is also available.