Human Pattern / Mänskligt Mönster

This is a film about how humans use various patterns when trying to communicate. In fear, or insecurity we tend to fall into patterns that we are most often not aware of, such as make faces, or say things, as if making a ritual of it makes things better.

In this film we try to picture what happens when two people meet (almost) without ever really meeting. This is a piece somewhere in between dance, short drama and performance.

As the drama is collapsing into repeated patterns, so is the music using repeated loops, but not in any ordinary fashion, instead of increasing and decreasing, it is more repeating and switching between various emotional states, thus framing the action in a context.


mänskligt mönster


Human Pattern / Mänskligt Mönster – Technichal description

Music composed in these software on an Apple G5 2*2.0 GHz:

Mixing environment: Digital Performer 4.61

Sound card: Metric Halo 2882

Loundspeakers PMC TB2

Sound design software: Metasynth Pro, Peak 4, various plug-ins, self-written patches in Max/MSP 4/2


Video edited in Final Cut Pro



Equipment required to perform/show the film: projector/screen and PA-system.


Format: DVD PAL, 44.1kHz 16bit