By Klara Elenius

Music by Stefan Klaverdal

Duration 15 min.


Insyn (Insight) is a dancefilm by choreographer Klara Elenius and composer Stefan Klaverdal where choreography

and music creates a unique synergy, inspired by the Nordic mentality.

The basic concept of the film is to create rifts in our perception of what is real and what is not. Do the characters

in the film really live as we do, or are they caught in some kind of flux between dream and reality? The main

characters live in a very still and unmoving house. They seem to have a somewhat strict relationship to each other.

Everything just about normal, but everywhere seem to hold some abstract components that shifts the perception

and creates a reality of its own.


The music reflects on the quasi-normal view of reality using vocal samples somewhat transformed, gliding

between recognizable patterns and more abstract sonic landscapes.




The music was the winner in the 35th IMEB composition for electroacoustic music in Bourges 2008.


The movie has also been awarded as a whole in the international competitions for short films in 2007

Cozmic Zoom Copenhagen (2 prizes)

Cinedans Amsterdam

Dancescreen the Haague




Av Klara Elenius

Musik av Stefan Klaverdal

Lngd ca 15 min.


Insyn r en dansfilm av koreografen Klara Elenius och tonsttaren Stefan Klaverdal dr koreografi och musik skapar

en unik synergi, inspirerad av nordisk mentalitet.

Konceptet r att skapa sprickor i vr uppfattning av verkligheten, vad som r verkligt och vad som inte r det. Lever

karaktrerna i filmen verkligen p samma stt som vi gr, eller r de fngade I ngot slags rum mellan drm och verklighet?

Huvudkaraktrerna i filmen bor i ett vldigt stilla och orrligt hus. De verkar ha ganska strikta relationer till varandra. Allt

r bara nstan normalt, men varje gonblick tycks hlla abstrakta komponenter som frndrar perceptionen och skapar

en egen verklighet.


Musiken speglar denna kvasinormala betraktelse ver verkligheten genom att anvnda inspelningar av rster ngot

frvrngda. Musiken glider sakta frn tydliga mster av rytmer och toner till mer abstrakta ljudlandskap.



INSYNTechnichal description

Music composed on an Apple G5 2*2.0 GHz:

Mixing environment: Digital Performer 5.1

Sound card: Metric Halo 2882

Loundspeakers PMC TB2 and B&W 5.1 surround system with Mirage subwoofer

Sound design software: Metasynth Pro, Peak 4, various plug-ins, patches made by the composer in in Max/MSP 4/2


Video edited in Final Cut Pro



Equipment required to perform/show the film: projector/screen and PA-system.



DVD PAL, 48 kHz 16bit

Stereo (two channels) or surround (5.1) versions available.

On current DVD the 5.1 version is disabled. A working version will be made available for use during spring 2008.