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GodŐs Breath

Commissioned by Rikskonserter/Concerts Sweden

Organ and Computer


Stefan Klaverdal


Score as PDF-file

Computer part as mp3

DEMO (synth playing organ part) as mp3


This piece recomposed itself several times. What became two parts began as one, and the structure was different to

begin with. It also turned out to be a piece about the creating and – maybecreative god. The first part is on a

superficial level about the creation as depicted in the Bible with the title referring to when God gave life to man by

breathing into him, and in the second part resting after the creation of the whole world.


However, on a more profound level it is about the breath of God being the Holy Spirit, and also about the breath of

God actually being the breath of man, since (as some view it) God lives in all of us, and simply by breathing we can

come closer to the part of us that is God.


In a sense it is actually also about the creative process. I struggled with the piece, and it somehow reflects my

struggles and – I imaginehow art and music is created for many artists. It is a hard work, and as you wrestle with

the material during the process you start to first despair, and then you find something to hold on to and in the end you

first become exalted and you lean back feeling satisfied...


First performed by Hampus Lindwall June 8th 2008 in Saint-Etienne, Paris.




Technical information:

This piece requires a pedal (or key) prepared with a piece of paper, applied to the pipe so that it will produce only noise.

No audible pitch may be heard. It is notated with an x, on low e, but it may be any key as long as it doesn't interfere

with the normal playing.


To play the computer part, the patch for MAX/MSP is needed from the composer.

It is self-sufficient, and will guide the player through the performance.


One will also need a computer capable of running the MAX/MSP runtime environment.

The patch is only tested on Apple computers, and will run nicely on a G4 867MHz.

A soundcard with one in and two out is also needed. It has to be set to very low latency.


Other equipment:

A PA-system with two smaller speakers (Genelec 1029 or equivalent) to be placed as close to

the organ as possible.

A microphone for the organ connected to the soundcard