[GOD?] (in swedish: Gud?)

thoughtful music – visual meditation

(Audiovisual meditation with shadowplay, projections and laser)



GOD? is not a concert. It is neither a service or a play. Perhaps it is a state of being, or a possibility for with music and visual scenography receive a time of stillness, time for thoughts and inspiration.


GOD? contains new music for voice, bass clarinet organ and computer in combination with visual scenography with candles, shadowplay, video and laser.


Stefan Klaverdal, composer;


- ŇWhat is the greatest benefits of the church space? I have always experienced the church as a place where you can find calm and stillness, and the space available makes you start thinking in different ways. The church is also for me a place where you are allowed to think about life, death and beleif, something that we may not have the time for otherwise


- ŇGOD? is an attempt to enhance this, to give room and create the mood for your own thoughts. As a visitor or audience you donŐt have to think about anything in particular, but you can also choose to meditate on a specific question


First performance: €ngelholm church 12 nov 2011


Concept:                                             Stefan Klaverdal and Thomas Romlšv

Composer:                                        Stefan Klaverdal

Visual Scenography:                  Claes Krogsgaard Ericsson and Thomas Romlšv

Musicians:                                        Mia Hjorth voice, Natalie Eriksson bass clarinet, Robert Hallberg organ, Stefan Klaverdal computer




GUD? from Kub Kub on Vimeo.