IKEA - ad lib

Co-composed with Daniel Hjorth

Concept realized with visual artists Leif Holmstrand and Luis M Alonzo-Barkigia

Duration: 60 min (approx)


Ikea – ad lib stimulates the connection between senses. Suddenly a place taken for granted becomes interesting.” Matti Edén, Sydsvenskan


IKEA – ad lib was a mix between concert and performance-art realized at IKEA in Malmö, Sweden. It was a way of using the trail already existing at the IKEA store and blending musical elements into the shop as art. Some 150-200 very short music pieces was created, printed in five different colours and posted at the store among price tags and other inherent information.

The instruction to the musicians was to find the first score in their colour (for instance, flute had blue), and continue playing that (repeat) until all other musicians had walked by you. Then find the next score in your colour.


This work was performed during normal open hours at IKEA to the joy of the unprepared shoppers and visitors.  


IKEA – ad lib was performed by Ensemble Ars Nova may 2001 and was a part of “Interface” a concert series exploring the boundaries of the concert situation.