Songs of Insanity

for soprano computer, video and stage


Stefan Klaverdal


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Songs of Insanity

Opera/performance/concert/installation for voice, computer, video, knitting needles, etc


Songs of Insanity is a contemporary interdisciplinary work with a slight focus on music where we explore hysteria and psychiatric disorders through time. In the work we blend reality with poetry, facts with fiction, we make music out of madness and give a voice to insanity.

Songs of Insanity is a work weaving a story of two women with different mental disorders from two centuries. A young woman travel during the 1990s to the Amazon Jungle to grieve her mother’s death, but instead she takes on Schizophrenia and is sent home to be hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. The young Elvira in Bellini’s 19th century opera “I Puritani” develops hysteria when her lover is taken from her. With a common thread of love, insanity, and powerlessness and hope the both women meets across time and space.

Songs of Insanity is a work in progress that takes on new shapes every time it is performed. It can be a staged performance just as well as an installation in a gallery. It has been performed since 2004.

Songs of Insanity is a combination of text, composed and improvised electronic and acoustic music, contemporary music, opera, video, knitting, performance, installation and many other things. The texts come from a young schizophrenic woman’s diary, interviews with her, facts and from the opera I Puritani by Bellini.


Concept, music, text, installation, and video: Lisa Hansson (voice) and Stefan Klaverdal (computer)

Length: approx. 30-90 min

Gear: varies due to the changeable nature of the work, but at least PA, projector, tables and chairs

Stage: min. 3x4 m2




“Under different circumstances the feather light steps would have been comic, but here in the performance Songs of Insanity about two women with psychiatric disorders they are only disquieting. The insanity frightens, and intrigues.

… Is this how madness sounds? Or a human being that gradually starts to heal? I am drawn to it, but also feel uncomfortable.”

Hallansdposten 2010-09-13


it is very poignant. And cleverly done.”

Ystad Allehanda 2010-07-10