Libera me (2002)

Trio for Sopranos or womens choir

Durata approx. 7 min


Score (pdf)

Recording (mp3)


This piece is a kind of mourning song for the biblical figure Judas, and is a part of the oratory on Judas. It may be percieved as coming from JudasŐ own lips if you wish, when he realizes the terrible consequences of his treachery (against Jesus). He becomes more and more aggravated and desperate in his horrible situation, but finally finds peace.


This piece is written for three sopranos, and apart from the music also contains a very simple choreography, where the three singers change between standing close together and being further apart.


It was premiered by Eiko Furukawa, Teresia Bokor and Hedvig Jalhed in Malmš may 2003