Music [working title]

(a selection from) a collection of piece for any instruments



This selection of works for unspecified ensemble began as a way of conjuring scores for an ensemble for new music that every year changes its instrument combination. The easiest way to build up a basis of reusable scores seemed to be composing music for unspecified ensembles.

These pieces have become a larger project where I compose pieces that are more or less text- and instruction based, possible to play on a wide variety of instruments and contain various levels of improvisation or other means to increase the possibility for the musicians to create their own parts.  The pieces are also experiments with other alternative ways to notate sounds and other things I perceive as important in music.


A for me interesting aspect of this project is that the pieces possibly may reduce the composerÕs influence on the actual performed music. The pieces more resemble a kind of framework. Naturally the whole thing also relates very clearly to tendencies in music and art from the 1960s.

As the project has developed I have also begun to wonder if the pieces apart from the musical intention also have turned out as something else. IÕm as of now unsure what, but a consequence of this is that I published some of the pieces in the (Swedish) literary magazine OEI in 2011.


The collection is not finished, and will possibly continue to grow.


Music – a list of works

Some pieces are recorded with videos and have their own pages.


Beat Music (2011, work in progress) PDF

Cadenza Music (2012, work in progress) PDF

Consensus Music (2010)

Delay Music (2011) PDF

Drone Music (2011)

Tuning Music (2005)

Play Music (2011, Swedish score, for 4 electric guitars) PDF