The process started with observing the therapitsts at the rehab clinic in their meetings with patients, learning a bit about how things went, and what kind of patients normally passing through.

Next we started experimenting and trying to find various ways to use my expertise in the Rehab environment. This led to art that were useful, some experiments that could not be used at all and some that became art in a different context later on.

The process of interacting with the staff and to some extent with the patients meant that I could find out how to best adapt my ideas to the environment.

Public performances
Some works were not suited to public performances, but a number of other ideas were meant to be experienced in public spaces. This was a number of concerts in the cafe and restaurants at the hospital, made from meditation material primarily created to the physiotherapists. .

The public performances also included some sound installations that were also tried in various ways, improved and then tried again. The installations also took form of few visual (video and prints mostly) installations.

Final exhibition
The final exhibition was constructed out of a few of the installations, a concert and a short seminar, where I talked about the experiences I had during the project.


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