Sinnesupplevelser (sensory experiences)

Sound and video installations 2010

Permanent installations at Barn och Ungdomssjukhuset/Hospital for children and young people in Lund since march 2010

Commissioned by Kultur i VĆrden, Region SkĆne 2009



Elefantpiano (Elephant piano)

Lasers, light sensors, speaker, computer, specially designed software


This piece has the task of encouraging people to use the stairs more. By walking, you also play the first five notes in a scale, like the white keys on a piano. If you walk up and down it is possible to play simple melodies or such. Given enough footsteps the piece plays a tune by itself. It is connected to ”Tecknad spegel” with sound and uses the same auditive material/tones.







Tecknad spegel (Drawn mirror)

Webcamera, projector, speaker, computer, specially designed software


”Tecknad spegel” was created to inspire to move and play, but also as an interactive piece of art that can be used in a very intuitive and direct way. An important factor was to give the user an immediate response.

The work exist mostly in the present since it reacts to movement. By moving in front of the camera, one creates what you see, and trigger the sounds you hear. The sound is present both as a part of the work and function as a reminder to make the people passing by aware of it.

This work is interconnected with “Elephant piano” since it uses the same source of sound to create the music sounds. 










Sommar (Summer)

Speaker, computer, specially designed software


“Sommar” was created as a way of changing the environment without any other expressions than the acoustic.

The work is related to both “Elephant piano” and “Drawn mirror”, using the same source of sounds.  The sounds vary depending on the seasons and the time of day.



Sinnesupplevelser - sound and video art for the Childrens hospital in Lund, Sweden from Stefan Klaverdal on Vimeo.