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The Girl who used to be Delight

Commissioned by Rikskonserter/Concerts Sweden

Piano and Computer


15:00 ca

Stefan Klaverdal


Score as PDF-file

Recording as mp3

Computer part can be obtained on CD or via e- mail fro m the composer

About the piece

When speaking about inspiration for this piece I have to mention Neil Gaiman, since I base it at least partially on his books in the series The Sandman. It is in a way difficult to describe what they are about, since the books contain a multitude of stories and lives, but the essence is about the seven endless, immortal personal manifestations of various aspects of human life.


When reading I became very touched by the character "Delirium", she is a girl, old as humanity, but youngest of the endless. She started her life as Delight, but somehow stopped being that and became instead Delirium, a disshelved girl with mismatched eyes, clothes in rags, and hair that shifts colour by the minute.


Delirium is often very interested in unexpected things, although she gets easily distracted and becomes interested in something else. In the now, however, she can be extremely dedicated to what interests her at the moment.

This piece is dedicated to her, and to her strange skill to be totally focused on one thing, yet moving to something else at the same time.


First performed by Johan Hugosson April 16th 2007 in Lunds Konsthall.




Technical information:

The computer part is conceived to be played by an active musician, which means that this piece is in fact a type of duo. In order to play the piece one need

A 4.1 surround loudspeaker system, two in front, two in rear and one subwoofer.

A computer running Max/MSP ver. 4.3 or later.

The patch for the piece, available from the composer. It is only tested on Apple computers.

Preferably a midi controller, like JLCoopers CS-32 or equivalent.

Two microphones to pick up sound from the piano.


The computer part is largely free and somewhat improvised. The player follows notes in the score, and correspondingly uses the controller to raise or lower the volume, change the pitch etc.

There is also a pre-programmed version of the piece, more static.

In the piece there are some special notation and instructions. These are explained in the score




GodŐs Breath

Rikskonserters bestŠllningsverk

Orgel och dator


Stefan Klaverdal





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