to trace the forests wild

part 2

concert for laptop solo and symphony orchestra
work in progress (part 1 to be composed as of 2015)

duration part 2 approx 8 min

Music by Stefan Klaverdal





Inspired from myths about changelings all around the world, in which small children is taken by trolls and replaced with a troll child. In Sweden and possibly in other places this was probably one way of explaining why some special or unusual children was born. To trace the forests wild is a quote from Shakespeares play Midsummer Nights Dream.

This piece is a kind of abstract romantic fairytale around this subject. By emphasizing on the romantic, I also try to focus on that all humans are beautiful, regardless on looks, special needs and such.


Premiere of part 2 by Bergslagens Kammarsymfoniker july 2014, Erik Jakobsson conducting and Stefan Klaverdal as laptop soloist.




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