A decomposition of a Bach Partita

Electric (or regular) violin and optional electronics

Commissioned by Elucian words and Music to Ian Peaston


Duration approx 5 min.






Vlaia, a De-composition of Bach Violin Partita No. 3 by Stefan Klaverdal (performed by Ian Peaston) by elucian


This piece was developed in a kind of open process, where I and Ian published the whole process from idea to finished piece on the web.

The process can be seen at www.elucian.tumblr.com or at www.twitter.com/elucian.


The piece itself was composed as a kind of remix or decomposition in the form of reduction from a Bach partita for violin. The commission was to write a piece in only 16 bars, so I reduced the original to 16 bars, also prolonging every bar and changing the tempo, but still keeping to 16 bars. The original was then repeated and stretched in various ways. The title refer to this process, since it is a derivation of the original title using the same process.


On top of this we then added some various effects and a moving drone.