Commissioned by the city of Malmš

Soprano, male choir, four percussionists, 4-channel pre-recorded media (tape) and optional bonfire

Lyrics: Stefan Klaverdal


Co-composed with Daniel Hjorth (50/50)


Choir Score as PDF

Pictures as PDF


About the piece

At the celebration of Valborg people in Sweden light bonfires and gather round to celebrate the coming of spring and summer. This is always done at the spring equinox.

It is a very old custom but the form it holds today was evolved mainly during the 19th century, when preferably male choirs sung merry tunes celebrating the coming of spring.

The custom is older than that, though. The bonfires probably started long before the Vikings and probably had to do with a celebration of the dead.


The piece Walpurgis evolves around a big bonfire, and at the time of first performance it also contained a light performance.



A choir and a soprano soloist stand on a stage (or in one "corner" of a circle)

Four percussionists are positioned in four other corers of the same circle, surrounding the bonfire in the middle.

At the same spots as the percussionists four speakers are positioned, playing back the pre-recorded electronics.


The choir and percussionists perfom an exact notated score, but the soprano soloist is supposed to improvise on the electronics.


First performed April 30th 2005 in Pildammsparken, Malmš

Soprano: Maria Hjorth

Percussion: Glenn Larsson, Andreas Eklšf, Johan Westerberg, Per Andreasson

Walpurgis choir

Stefan Klaverdal, cond.

Daniel Hjorth, sound design