New cantata

2021-11-21, 16.00, Hjärnarps church, Ängelholm, Sweden

Och jag såg en ny himmel, a new short cantata for two male soloists, choir, violin, viola, cello and piano is premiered.

New piece to church singers

211112, Åkersberg, Höör, Sweden

A new piece written to church singers and musicians at the yearly meeting for Kyrkosångsförbundet.

New piece for flute and guitar

211016, 18:00, IAC, Malmö, Sweden
20:00, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
16:00, Hjärnarps kyrka, Ängelholm, Sweden

New piece for duo HAV with flute and guitar, and electronic music for pre-recorded media for a performance on the ecological status of our seas in the nordic countries.


International festival

210730-210801, Heagården, Munka-Ljungby and Hjärnarps kyrka, Ängelholm, Sweden

International festival featuring several pieces and performances by Klaverdal.

Sounds of nature in Torekov

2100708, Torekov kyrka, Sweden

Sounds of nature, a program with music inspired by natural phenomena for piano and electronics performed by Stefan Klaverdal on piano and computer.

International premiere of new piece

2020-10-29, Bastionen, Malmö 19:00
2020-10-30, Allhelgonakyrkan, Lund 17:00
2020-10-31, Hjärne projektrum, Helsingborg (postponed)

Simultaneous performances in London (UK) to be later combined and published online.

Premiere of the new piece ”Beams of Light” for Non-ensemble in collaboration with composer Hardi Kurda and composers/performers Bohman brothers and Richard Thomas in the UK.

Vilse performed in Växjö

2020-10-03, Växjö
2020-10-04, Jordbro

Vilse (with the suite ”De bortglömda”) is performed in concert situation in Växjö and Jordbro with Ida Höög, Natalie Eriksson and Alvi Joensen

Premiere of opera

2020-09-20, Stockholm

Premiere of part of the new opera Falling with lyrics by Lisa Hansson.

Full premiere during 2021

International festival


annual growth rings performed with Mats Edén and Stefan KLaverdal during the In Between Music Festival in Hjärnarp.

Psalm performed in Japan

2020-08-22, Tokyo, Japan

Psalm from Eremitkräftans sånger (Songs of the Hermit Crab) performed in Japan with organplayer Kiyo Wada and a singer.