Solos (including pieces with electronics or for electronics solo)
där rösten svävar (2023), carillon
Threshold memories (2023), piano and electronics
Train station nostalgia (2022), piano and electronics
Synchronizing rain (2020), piano and electronics
he gave up his spirit (2018) solo cello
white as snow (2017) EAM and optional video
there will be earthquakes (2012) electric violin and computer
(2011) piano (two solo parts and one four hands)
(2011) (electric) violin and optional electronics (ca 5 min)
(2010) tape or prerecorded media (4.55)
One of the seven angels
(2010) bass clarinet and computer (10 min)
eyes like a flame of fire (2009)  soprano recorder and computer (6 min)
God’s Breath (2008)  organ and computer (11 min) MIC
The Girl who used to be Delight (2007)  piano and computer (15 min) MIC
I heard behind me a loud voice (2007)  tuba and computer (8 min) MIC
Prayer of a King (2004)  alto saxophone and computer (6 min)
Dual Chant (2003)  violin and computer (or EAM) (14 min) MIC
MononoM (2001) flute solo (10 min) MIC

Ensemble (including pieces with electronics)
Music (2005-) any ensemble – ongoing project
The Slumbering Green (2023), guitar, accordion
Initium Novum (2022), fl, clar, organ
Rebachin (2022), fl, vl, git, db, voice
Den väntande själen (2022), fl, git, db, voice
Thin places (2022), git, pi, electronics
En flod av glitter (2021), cello and piano
The Kraken (2021), flute and guitar
Beams of light (2020), any instruments
thoughts and reflections (2014) cello and piano
Misrau Ca
(2011) electric violin, amplified clarinet and two computers
Yriu Cair (2011) jazz trio, piano, bass, drumset (10 min)
Drone Music
(2011) any ensemble of at least three (5 min and up)
Consensus Music (2010) any ensemble of at least three (5 min and up)
The sound I heard (2010) jazz trio, guitar, electric bass, drumset (10 min)
Aestival Solstice (2009) two recorders, carillon, prerecorded media (5 min)
And when I turned (2009) chamber ensemble, fl, rec, cl, cl, bcl, trb, tba, perc (4 min)
a home for demons (2008) two percussionists and computer (5 min) MIC
The Sacred Family (2005-10)  string quartet, computer and video (25 min)
and then I saw (2008) trumpet, percussion and computer (5 min) MIC
The Longing of Eurydice (2005) violin, piano and EAM 2 ch (14 min) MIC
Walpurgis (2005)  sopr, male choir, 4 perc, EAM 4 ch (16 min)
On Being
(2004) saxophone quartet and computer (40 min/10 parts) MIC

då hägrar paradiset (2022), 3333, 243, timp, glock, str (8 min)
to trace the forests wild (2014), laptop and orchestra, part 2 laptop, 2222 2431 timp str (8 min)
Music from caves/A kind of rebirth (2011), brass band w. 3 perc.  (15 min) MIC
He fell to the ground (2009), chamber orchestra, fl, cl, bass cl, perc, str (10 min) MIC
Bonorum Summum Omnium (2007) soprano, computer and orchestra. Instrumentation: 3333 3431 timp sopr comp str  (11 min) MIC
Statymusik (1999) orchestra. Instrumentation: 2222 2421 timp str (6 min)

Säg att ljuset är på väg (2022), sopr, ten, pi
Eremitkräftans sånger (Songs of the Hermit Crab, 2018), bar, organ/pi
Sång till eftertanke (2011) sopr, bass cl, organ
duos angelos in albis sedentes (2003) sopr, fl, vl (8 min) MIC
Libera me
(2002) sss (7 min, part of Judas – oratory)
så stiger solen upp bakom din skugga (1997) alto, ten, pi (10 min / 2 parts) MIC

vid porten (at the gate, 2023), satb x 3, solo sopr, orchestra (60 min)
Sub tuum praesidium (2022), satb (6 min)
Fridens väg, Bjäremässan (2022), satb or sab with accompainment (30 min)
the tree of life (2020), satb (6 min)
Various psalms with new music (2018-), satb or solo with piano
Jubla inför Gud (2019), satb, organ (5 min)
Ulayya poems (from Dreams, see below, 2018), satb (20 min)
see, darkness covers the earth (2018), satb, vlc (10 min)
Catharsis (2016) satb (or SSA or any other combination), electronics (15 min)
Vem är min medmänniska? (Who is my neighbour, 2013) satb, saxophone quartet
Jag ville vara en annan (2013) satb, electric violin, electric clarinet, computers
Rosa rorans bonitatem (2013) satb, computer
Ser du människa? (Human, do you see?, 2012) satb, two actors, celebrationist (priest), computer
Allt är så underligt fjärran idag (2012) satb
Vad är grenens fel? (2011) childrens choir, string quartet
Levande vatten (Living water, 2009) satb, childrens choir, two percussionists, organ, computer  (approx 60 min/20 parts)
For the love of money (2009) ttbb (10 min)
Vägen framför andra (2004) ssatbb (11 min) MIC
Exaudi Deus (2004) ssatbb (7 min) MIC
Judas oratory (2003) narr, ten, bar, mixed choir, organ, computer (60 min/12 parts)
Sequere me Credo (2003) ten, bar, mixed choir, pi, organ MIC
Atta unsar (1994) satb (4 min) MIC

Opera and other staged works
Falling apart, falling in love (2022), 2 singers, 2 acrobats, guitar, accordeon, electronics
Dreams (2018), 2 actors, choir, electronics, opt instruments (semi staged)
Får jag dö i din famn (2016), performance for voice, computer and video
Mitt lyckliga liv (My happy life, 2016), chamber opera for children
De upplysta (2016) large-scale interactive theatre and dance play for electronics and voices
Den Stora Vävoperan (The Weave, 2015) opera about weaving
Hemligheten (The Secret, 2013) interactive walking theatre
Den Lilla Vävoperan (2011-12) sopr, computer, looms, video, etc (30-90 min ) Performance opera in coll. with singer Lisa Hansson
God? (2012) conceptual concert with audiovisual scenography, shadowplay, projections and laser (co-composed with Thomas Romlöv)
Songs of Insanity (2004- ) sopr, computer, video (90 min in 3 acts), Performance opera in coll. with singer Lisa Hansson

Snö (2022), sound and video installation at RAVINEN art center, Båstad
Fanfar (2022), sound installation at RAVINEN art center, Båstad
Väsen (2017), public sound art in Linköping
RE:sound (2017), exhibition with sound art at Ängelholm Hospital
Flora (2015) prerecorded media: recorded spoken word, 2 channels
Domkyrkans tystnad (2014) prerecorded media: soundscape, 4 channels
Metallotråd (2014) performance for threads, cello, computer and video
Ser du människa? (Human, do you see?, 2012, 2014) interactive sound installation,  micro theatre, meditation and CD (four versions)
Sinnesupplevelser (2010) three permanent interactive sound and video installations at Childrens hospital in Lund, Sweden
Compliments (2000) sound installation for ArtGenda 2000 in Helsinki
Öppna (Open) (1999) sound installation

Other: podcasts, film, radio, and more 
Mittemellan (2015-16), film, podcast, songs and more
Rytmikon (2011) piece for any kind of ensemble of at least 8 with choreography.
Nynn (2009) jingle for radio show ”Musikalismer” on Swedish Radio P2
Dialog (2008) sound installation for CD and 2 (or more) loudspeakers (approx. 12 min)
Insyn (2007) EAM 5.1ch (and version for 2ch) Used in the dancefilm Insyn by Klara Elenius
Mänskligt Mönster/Human Pattern (2005) EAM 2ch (11 min)?Used in the dancefilm Mänskligt Mönster by Klara Elenius
IKEA – ad lib (2001) fl, cl, git, vla, kb (60 min) Performance using musicians (site-specific)
Salt (2001) narr, sopr, computer (17.00) Live performed text-sound-piece with text by Sara Gilliard

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