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secrets – new album out

170528, everywhere

The new ambient album ”secrets” is released on the streaming service of your choice. Also available on a very limited CD edition from www.dynamik.se.

Secrets can be dangerous. They can also be fascinating and intriguing, and in this case they are both. What is it that we see? What is it that we hear? And does it become coloured by our preconceptions to make us perceive it in a certain way?


meditations on radio

161107-161111, Swedish Radio P1, 0545 and on the web

meditations is on Swedish Radio in Morgonandakten with Ida Wäreborn the whole week (and continuously on the web).


New CD: meditations

Streaming: october 1st 2016
Physical: november 1st 2016

”meditations” is an album with ambient meditative and melodic music for electronically enhanced piano. The music is created in a studio in Ängelholm, Sweden and performed by the composer on a Steinway A and a computer.

”Whether you listen once, or come back to his music, you’ll undeniably sense presence in his music. Listen in!”Sanjin Dumisic

”…one of the most innovative composers make a stop in the genre [New Age/Ambient] without any trace of irony, by using as little as possible from the toolbox yet being beautifully accessible.”Jan-Erik Zandersson/Universumnoll

More info
Listen on the streaming service of your choice.
Buy physical CD from dynamik


New CD out! MUU for ears 13

150604 CD release Ars Athina, Athens, Greece

New compilation CD with several sound art pieces by Stefan Klaverdal: the Finish artists’ organization MUU release their 13th CD with sonic art from Finland and Sweden. Release during the art fair Ars Athina!Muu4ears13

evocations – new CD out!

140901, everywhere

The new CD evocations is out! Listen in your streaming service of choice. Read more at www.dynamik.se


Liten Statymusik on CD in the UK

121120, www.cuillinsoundmusic.co.uk

Liten Statymusik (Small Statue-music) is released on CD by woodwind trio Cullin Sound in the UK for international distribution. Read more at their webpage!

Recorder piece performed in South Africa

110310, 19.30, The Odeion, University of the Free State, South Africa

eyes like a flame of fire performed by Susan McApline M.Mus. at her exam recital.

Review of ”Revelations” in Classical CD Reviews

Classical CD Reviews

Well known writer, journalist and editor Gavin Dixon writes about the CD Revelations:
In common with Tippett, Klaverdal is a composer who constantly wrestles with tradition, yet mixes the new and the old with such fluency that the whole process seems almost intuitive (…) An interesting album with plenty of musical ideas you won’t find anywhere else.
Gavin Dixon

Read it here

Release of CD with Mozart remix

101014, 21:00, Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden

Release of ”Classical Masterpieces Remixed” – a CD with 25 classical masterpieces remixed by Swedish artists and composers. The CD starts with my piece SMFN rmx – a remix of Mozarts Symphony 40 (”Great”).

Sign up for a ticket here

New review of the CD Revelations!

Nya Upplagan 049, paper edition page 24. Soon to be published on www.nyaupplagan.se

”… the string quartet makes me think:  this is where great music is made.”
Jan-Erik Zandersson, Nya Upplagan ”Månadens Klassiker” (”Classic of the month”)

regarding The Sacred Family and Revelations