Strange electronic music in Malmö

110224, 2000, Klubb C-Y:22, Bastionen, Malmö, Sweden

Konstig Elektronisk Musik (Strange Electronic Music) is a group of six musicians (voice, recorders, laptops) perform five different pieces by the members while keeping the ensemble in focus. One of the pieces is Drone Music, composed by Klaverdal.

The group is Eiko Furukawa, Annie Lönngren, Ida Höög, Peter Bjuhr, Daniel Hjorth and Stefan Klaverdal

Review of ”Revelations” in Classical CD Reviews

Classical CD Reviews

Well known writer, journalist and editor Gavin Dixon writes about the CD Revelations:
In common with Tippett, Klaverdal is a composer who constantly wrestles with tradition, yet mixes the new and the old with such fluency that the whole process seems almost intuitive (…) An interesting album with plenty of musical ideas you won’t find anywhere else.
Gavin Dixon

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