The Large Weaving Opera in Stockholm

161018-19, Musikaliska, Stockholm, Sweden

The Large Weaving Opera, with lyrics by Lisa Hansson and music by Stefan Klaverdal. Tickets available soon via

Can I die in your arms in Gothenburg

160924, Angered, Göteborg, Sweden

Får jag dö i din famn? (Can I die in your arms?). Concert and discussion around material from film and music project ”Mittemellan” (In-bewteen).
Experience how prerecorded interviews and your own thoughts are transformed into music in real time with singer Negar Zarassi, composer Stefan Klaverdal and video artist Thomas Romlöv.


Artist in residence

160901, Ängelholm, Sweden

Stefan Klaverdal is appointed Artist in Residence at the Hospital in Ängelholm, Sweden for a period of six months. No residency of the kind has ever been done in Sweden before.

there will be earthquakes in Århus

160823, Århus, Denmark

there will be earthquakes is performed during new music festival in Århus with Sophie Andersen (violin) and Stefan Klaverdal (electronics).

(Ian Peaston performing on video)

Performance at Sound Art Day in Oulu

160819, Oulu, Finland

Live performance during Sound Art Day in Oulu, Finland. In collaboration with MUU.

Slow Motion at Norberg festival

160730, Norberg, Sweden

Slow Motion – a new electronic glissando-drone-piece for two-channel fixed media is premiered at Norberg Festival in a showcase curated by Daniel M Karlsson.

Premiere of opera for children in Laholm

160715, 16:00, Laholm, Sweden

Première of Mitt Lyckliga Liv (My happy life) with lyrics by Rose Lagercrantz during Hallands operafestival

Dunne: Sara Jangfeldt, Ella Frida: Jessica Bäcklund, Violin: Malin-My Wall, Guitar: David Härenstam. Direction: Hugo Hansén. Electronics: Stefan Klaverdal

Swedish tour during autumn 2016 and spring 2017

Ambient Guitar in Gävle

160703, Bolognerskogen, Milles ängar, Gävle, Sweden

Ambient Guitar for two-channel fixed media is performed at Elektronsöndag arranged by Moneeo in Gävle.


Jingelholm hymn performed in Ängelholm

160611, 1830, Stortorget, Ängelholm, Sweden

Jingelholm is performed in two versions for the 500th anniversary celebration of the city of Ängelholm. Performance by several hundred choir singers. Conducted by Stefan Klaverdal.

Premiere of interactive theatre

160429, 20:00, Lokstallarna, Malmö, Sweden

Premiere of ”De Upplysta” (The Enlightened) with electronic and vocal music by Klaverdal. More info at InSite.