Electronic pieces in Gävle

141122, 13.00, Skottes, Gävle, Sweden

”Confidence” and PSTN HDN rmx is performed in Gävle during ”Elektronlördag”, arranged by Moneeo.

Talk and performance at Connect

141120, 19.00 Malmö, Sweden

During the festival Connect, the Kreutzer Quartet is performing The Sacred Family. The occation is part of the program of the Royal Music Academy, ”Klingande Samtid” a conversation between Anna-Lena Laurin and Stefan Klaverdal about the view on their music and the contemporaries.


Choir piece and mass in Hjärnarp

141109, 18.00, Hjärnarp kyrka, Sweden

Ser du människa? the version as a music event and mass for choir, computers and priest is performed in a new version including video projections in Hjärnarp Church outside Ängelholm, Sweden.


Installation and concert in Ängelholm

141031, 1830, Stadsbiblioteket, Ängelholm, Sweden

Installation, workshop and concert with the project ”Jingelholm” where various artists, musicians and visitors together with Stefan Klaverdal interpret the inner meaning of a melody. Or the melody. Basis is a tune made from a map of Rönne å, a river running through the city.

Read more on www.jingelholm.wordpress.com (in swedish).


Performance at MUU gallery, Finland

141023, 1800, MUU gallery, Cable factory, Helsinki, Finland

Solo performance with single input computer as a part of the residency at Hanasaari.

Residence artist in Finland

141022-24, Hanasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Stefan Klaverdal is one of six sound artists in residence at Hanasaari, Helsinki.

Choir piece in Stockholm

141012, Skärholmen church, Stockholm, Sweden

Gud är ljus from oratory Levande Vatten is performed by Skärholmens kammarkör.

Metallotråd at Textile Sounds/Borås

141011, Textilmuseet, Borås, Sweden

Metallotråd, a collaborative exploring project with artist Leif Homstrand and cellist Stefan Moberg is performed in a mix between a troll, yarn, metal, cello, computer, video noise, drones and sensors during the festival Textile Sounds.

Den Lilla Vävoperan in Textile Sounds/Borås

141010, 1230, Textilmuseet, Borås, Sweden

Den Lilla Vävoperan is performed as part of the festival Textile Sounds in Borås.

‘Ser du människa?’ art and CD in Finland

141001 19:00, Hanaholmen Culture Center, Helsingfors/Helsinki, Finland

Opening night for the interactive sound installation Ser du människa? (Human do you see?) at Galleri Tove, Hanaholmen. Exhbition in collaboration with Christel Hansson and Lena Sjöstrand (Lunds Domkyrka).SAM_0052

Exhibition open 1 october 2014 until 6 january 2015.

During the opening: Release of a version for CD, a text/sound composition with the same name. Cover art by and in collaboration with Christel Hansson.

SDM CD only_print