Current projects
Large-scale work to the 900th anniversary of Lund Cathedral
Based around a text by Åsa Maria Kraft and written for and with choirs in the Cathedral and orchestra. Funded by Stiftelsen Signatur

Cantata to church in Ängelholm

Recently finished projects
Falling apart – falling in love
Music to an opera where the opera meet circus/acrobatics in a breathtaking view on the most human of emotions: love.

Songs on texts by Jila Mossaed
New duos for soprano and tenor/barytone and piano upcoming

New chamber music for trio in norway

Composition for duo HAV
Chamber music for flute and guitar included in performance on the environment of our seas.

Stenhammar cello sonata
Completing the unfinished cello sonata by W. Stenhammar for cello, piano and electronics.

Sound and video installation
Indoor interactive sound and video installation for Malmö University Hospital.

Eremitkräftans sånger
Music for voice and small organ (or piano) based on Magnus William-Olssons’ Eremitkräftans sånger (Songs of the Hermit Crab)

Duo Hansson/Klaverdal
Impro/performance/installations/art-duo with Lisa Hansson since 2004. Songs of Insanity and Weaving opera (Vävoperan) are two outcomes of the duos work.

Solo performance with single input computer
Conceptual live loop-based experimental music based on a single recording created live in the concert situation.

Den lilla vävoperan / The small weave-opera

Experimental performance/opera/installation/improvisation/art-project exploring the relationship between music and weaving and other crafts. Funding from Kulturbryggan and NFH.Read more at