Duo Hansson/Klaverdal
Impro/performance/installations/art-duo with Lisa Hansson since 2004. Songs of Insanity and Weaving opera (Vävoperan) are two outcomes of the duos work.

Solo performance with single input computer
Conceptual live loop-based experimental music based on a single recording created live in the concert situation.



Current projects
Large-scale sound installation
Several sound installations perpared for a park in Linköping, Sweden

Sound and video installation
Indoor interactive sound and video installation for Malmö University Hospital.

Film, music and discussions around questions on life, death and beleif. In collaboration with filmmaker Thomas Romlöv and Swedish Church. Premiere during winter 2015/16. Ongoing performances and more during 2017-18.

Mitt i
New project involving young persons, existential questions, music and film


Den Stora Vävoperan / The Large Weaving Opera
pcoming performances of large-scale chamber opera in collaboration with Lisa Hansson and Söndrebaljsoperan.

Den lilla vävoperan / The small weave-opera

Experimental performance/opera/installation/improvisation/art-project exploring the relationship between music and weaving and other crafts. Funding from Kulturbryggan and NFH.Read more at