Duo Hansson/Klaverdal
Impro/performance/installations/art-duo with Lisa Hansson since 2004. Songs of Insanity and Weaving opera (Vävoperan) are two outcomes of the duos work.

Solo performance with single input computer
Conceptual live loop-based experimental music based on a single recording created live in the concert situation.



Current projects
Falling apart – falling in love
Music to an opera where the opera meet circus/acrobatics in a breathtaking view on the most human of emotions: love.

Composition for the forest
Chamber music for performance with dancers in a forest

Sound and video installation
Indoor interactive sound and video installation for Malmö University Hospital.

Eremitkräftans sånger
Music for voice and small organ (or piano) based on Magnus William-Olssons’ Eremitkräftans sånger (Songs of the Hermit Crab)


Den Stora Vävoperan / The Large Weaving Opera
pcoming performances of large-scale chamber opera in collaboration with Lisa Hansson and Söndrebaljsoperan.

Den lilla vävoperan / The small weave-opera

Experimental performance/opera/installation/improvisation/art-project exploring the relationship between music and weaving and other crafts. Funding from Kulturbryggan and NFH.Read more at