secrets (dy1701) – 2017
| Buy album here or stream anywhere
dark ambient music that can be listened to at specific places in Malmö

meditations (dy1601) – 2016
 | Buy CD here or stream anywhere
ambient music for electronically enhanced piano

SDM CD only_print

Ser du människa (dy1402) – 2014 | Buy CD here or in certain art shops (currently no digital distribution)
Text/Sound composition with material from the sound installation ”Ser du människa” (2012)
Texts chosen from the Bible (Hesekiel and Book of Revelations) by Lena Sjöstrand
Voices: Kerstin Andersson and Per Löfberg
Cover and artist’s book by artist Christel Hansson
Ser du människa I
Ser du människa II



evocations (dy1401) – 2014 | Buy CD here or download/stream anywhere
Misrau Ca (electric violin, electric clarinet and computers), essens1
england (computer live), Stefan Klaverdal
Vlaia (electric violin, computer), Ian Peaston
The Sound I Heard (flute, guitar, computer), Peter Fridholm, David Härenstam, Stefan Klaverdal
One of the Seven Angels (cello, computer), Stefan Moberg, Stefan Klaverdal
Aestival Solstice (recorders, tubular bells/carillon, computer) Ida Höög, Emelie Roos, Trond Dale
Afraid (computer live), Stefan Klaverdal
there will be earthquakes (electric violin, computer), Ian Peaston



Dagens Nyheter/Håkan Lidbo Audio Industries:


Classical Masterpieces remixed (HLAI CD01) – 2010 | more info at or
SMFN rmx – a remix of Mozart symphony 40




MUU for ears 13 (MUU13) – 2015
Flora (short version)
Ser du människa? (excerpt)
Ser du människa? – Coda
time (electronic music)
Leifs tankepauser / Leifish experiment (electronic music/sound art)
pstn hdn rmx – a remix of Haydn symphonies (electronic music)



True Love Records
Contemporary Composers Play Love Ballads vol. 1 – 2015
Remixes of four classical love ballads from the -80s and -90s



C-Y contemporary records:


Revelations (CY1001) – 2010 | Buy CD here or download: iTunes
The Sacred Family (string quartet and computer), Tippett quartet
and then I saw (trumpet, percussion and computer), Per Ivarsson and Johan Westerberg
One of the seven angels (bass clarinet and computer), Mattias Eklund
eyes like a flame of fire (recorder and computer), Annie Lönngren
a home for demons (two percussionists and computer), Christian Ekstedt and Johan Westerberg


Electric Tuba (CY0904) – 2009 | Buy CD here or download: iTunes
I heard behind me a loud voice (tuba and computer), Kjetil Myklebust, tuba
breathe, breathein 1, 2 and breatheout 1, 2 (electronic music)


Sounding images (CY0903) – 2009 | Buy CD here or download: iTunes
And when I turned (chamber orchestra), Ensemble for New Music, Anna Rombach, cond.


Human Relations (CY0801) – 2008 | Buy CD here or download: iTunes
introtoaguitar (electronic music)


Dr Caligari (CY0701) – 2007 | Buy CD here download: iTunes
Dual Chant (violin and computer), Björn Kleiman, violin

The Longing of Eurydice (violin, piano and computer), Björn Kleiman, violin, David Wärn, piano



Unknown public:

RE-invented (issue 17)Dual Chant (violin and computer), Björn Kleiman, violin



Lunds Vokalensemble/Ingemar Månsson:

April och Tystnad
Vägen framför andra (ssatbb)


Friede auf Erde | download: iTunes
”Gläd dig du kristi brud” (satb)