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First performance in the forest

190704-7, time and place TBA

First performance of De bortglömda (The forgotten), a chamber music suite to be perfomed in a forest with dancers and moving musicians.

Performance by Ida Höög (recorder), Natalie Eriksson (clarinet), Alvi Joensen (guitar) and dancers Sara Ekman, Ola Simonsson and Jonas Olsson.

Performance in Berlin

190607, 19:00, exploratorium berlin, Berlin, Germany

Performance on computer together with Khabat Abas on ”skin cello” in a new piece by Klaverdal.

Drone Islands – New album release


Drone Islands – Land raising. A collection of various drone music composers on a new release by Eight tower record curated by Raffaele Pezella (a.k.a. Sonologyst). Featuring drone pieces by AH CAMA-SOTZ, Satori, Kammarheit, Ashtoreth, DAIMON, Stefan Klaverdal, SONOLOGYST,  Instinct Primal,  Lars Bröndum,  Massimo Olla,  Nihil Impvlse,  HLER.

Participating with the piece ambient earthquakes.

Performance in Viken

190402, 12:30, Viken church, Sweden

Performance with electronic improvisations together with Karin Johansson, organ.

Organ performance in Ängelholm

190407, 1600, Hjärnarp church, Sweden

Klaverdal performing solo on church organ.

Organ performance in Ängelholm

190331, 1600, Hjärnarp church, Sweden

Klaverdal performing solo on church organ.

New piece at Lund Contemporary

190210, 19:00, Aula Magna, Lund, Sweden

First performance of ”Mayhem Music” for as many mobile phones as possible, and at least two musicians.

Performance during the festival Lund Contemporary.

Choir music in Lund

190209, 19:00, Allhelgonakyrkan, Lund, Sweden

O Människa, a piece for male choir commissioned by Körcentrum Syd is performed by Ängelholms kvartettsångare in a concert called 9-9-9 during the festival Lund Contemporary.

Performance in Lund

190119, 17:00, Allhelgonakyrkan, Lund, Sweden

Performance with computer and organ in collaboration with Johan-Magnus Sjöberg during Eter festival.

Performance in Malmö

181201, 19:00, Molekyl Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

Klubb C-Y with Stefan Klaverdal performing on computer with Ida Höög on recorder and Josef Söreke on guitar.

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