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Premiere of new cantata

2020-11-22, Hjärnarp, Sweden

Premiere of cantata for two singers, choir and chamber ensemble.

Premiere of new piece

2020-10-29, Bastionen, Malmö
2020-10-30, Allhelgonakyrkan, Lund
2020-10-31, Hjärne projektrum, Helsingborg

Premiere of new piece for Non-ensemble in collaboration with composer Hardi Kurda.

Vilse performed in Växjö

2020-10-03, Växjö
2020-10-04, Jordbro

Vilse is performed in concert situation in Växjö and Jordbro with Ida Höög, Natalie Eriksson and Alvi Joensen

Premiere of opera

2020-09-20, Stockholm

Premiere of part of the new opera Falling with lyrics by Lisa Hansson.

International festival


annual growth rings performed with Mats Edén and Stefan KLaverdal during the In Between Music Festival in Hjärnarp.

Psalm performed in Japan

2020-08-22, Tokyo, Japan

Psalm from Eremitkräftans sånger (Songs of the Hermit Crab) performed in Japan with organplayer Kiyo Wada and a singer.

International festival

2020 july 17-19, Hjärnarp, Sweden

Several pieces performed in Hjärnarp during In Between Music Festival, a festival for music in between genres.

Album release

2020-05-01, all day, everywhere

A new album with music by Stefan Klaverdal is released at The album is called ”transcendence (in sounding rooms)” and the music is ambient electronic. Available everywhere you can listen to streamed audio.

Premiere of new opera – postponed

2020 april 24-26, Stockholm

Premiere of excerpts of new circus-opera Falling in Stockholm. More info TBA.

Easter music performed in church

2020-04-10, 10:00, Hjärnarp church, Sweden

Cello solo ”he gave up his spirit” is performed by Anna-Stina Mülhäuser.