In Between Music Festival

July 11-16th, 2023, Skåne, Sweden
In Between Music Festival, for music in between genres.
New and old pieces performed during the festival. One of the concerts hosts the acrobatic opera ”Falling”:

July 11th (Hjärnarp church): Naturen är nära. Dance performance with Waileth/Bardon, Klaverdal and David Härenstam, guitar. Music by Stefan Klaverdal based on sounds from nature.

July 14th (Hjärnarp church): Midnattssånger. New piece ”The slumbering green” is performed by Minna Weurlander and David Härenstam

July 16th (Ravinen, Båstad): Falling apart, falling in love. The new opera is performed in concert format by Lisa Hansson, Agnes Wästfelt, Iryna Serotyuk and David Härenstam.