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Aestival Solstice performed in Malmö

100325, 20:00, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden

Aestival Solstice for two recorders and tape is performed in a version without carillon at Klubb C-Y:18. Also impro by Klaverdal  on laptop on several other pieces.

Songs of Insanity in Malmö

100208, 19.30, Paladium, Malmö, Sweden

Performance of the performance opera Songs of Insanity in collaboration with singer Lisa Hansson. The opera evolves around insanity among women both during the 1800s and today, using BelCanto operas as well as a diary from a young Schizofrenic woman.

Levande Vatten (Living Water) in new performance

100110, 18.00, Kirsebergs kyrka, Malmö, Sweden

Performance of the oratory Levande Vatten in evening service with Alexander Einarsson and Kirsebergs Kammarsångare. The service also contains a baptism, thus connecting strongly with the theme for the oratory.

Performance of ”eyes like a flame of fire” in Amsterdam

091110, 2030, Karnatic Lab, Amsterdam, Holland
New date! 091208 instead. Same time, same place!

eyes like a flame of fire for recorder and computer is performed by Susanna Borsch at Karnatic Lab in Amsterdam.

Release of new CD with music for tuba

091126, 20:00, Nya Tröls, Malmö, Sweden
”Release the Electric tuba”

Release of new CD with Kjetil Myklebust, ”Electric Tuba” containing the piece I heard behind me a loud voice. The CD also contains small interludes by Klaverdal.

Also first performance of the piece during the release, as well as performance of drone-installation by I.D.A.S. with Klaverdal on laptop!

Performance of ”Dual Chant”

091027, 1930, Palladium, Malmö

Dual Chant for violin and computer is performed by Björn Kleiman (violin) at a concert with Swedish music. Also, an artfilm inspired from the music by Pekka Persson is screened simultaneously, as well as other video works by tromlov.

Other music in the concert is composed by Larsson Gothe, de Frumerie, Stenhammar and others.

First performance of piece for recorders, carillon and electronics

090621, 20.00, Kompagnigränd, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of Aestival Solstice for two recorders, Carillon and electronics as a part of the concert ”Recorder Bells”. Performance by Annie Lönngren and Ida Höög (recorders) and Martin Hasselgren (carillon).

Insyn is screened at Synthèse festival in France

090531, 22.30, Théâtre Jaque Cour, Bourges, France

The dancefilm Insyn is screened during the festival Synthèse in Bourges, France. In 2008, the music in the film won the 36th International Competition for Electronic Music and Sonic Art / Bourges 2008 in the multimedia category.