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Performance at C-Y FESTIVAL

131123, 15:00 and 19:00, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden

Performance at C-Y FESTIVAL ”Electro|Beat|Performance” in Malmö. At 1500 with ENM, performance of Delay Music. At 1900 solo performance with RESTRUCTION, a collection of remixes and reconstructions of well-known music, from Mozart to Bryan Adams.

Ser du Människa? – music event and mass for choir, actors and computer

20121020, 22:00, Lunds Domkyrka, Lund, Sweden

Ser du människa?”  is not only a concert. It is neither only a service or a play. It is perhaps a state of being, where you are invited to meditate.
Based on texts from the Book of Revelations, Olof Hartman, and Arne H Lindgren this event explores ways of relating to text, sounds, music and space  within the context of the church, containing a choir, actors, computer, and a mass.

Choir: Saxenborn Singers, Conductor: Joachim Saxenborn, Actors: Kerstin Andersson, Matthias Thorbjörnsson, Priest: Lena Sjöstrand, Computer: Stefan Klaverdal

The event is a part of  a larger project including a sound installation and readings of the texts.  This event occurs as part of the Lund International Choral Festival and readings of the texts in relation to the installation.

First performance of Play Music with ensemble KROCK

120317, 2100, MAF, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of the piece Play Music written to electric guitar ensemble KROCK in a project initiated by the society C-Y (ContemporarY). The piece was in an earlier form published in the magazine OEI during 2011.

Consensus Music performed by ENM

120215, 19:00, Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö, Sweden

Consensus music is performed by the Ensemble for New Music.

The Sacred Family in London

111126, 19:30, The Forge, London, UK

The Sacred Family is performed by the Tippett Quartet at a string quartet festival in London.

First performance of Rytmikon

111125, 1900, Palladium, Malmö, Sweden

First performance of Rytmikon for unspecified ensemble  – commissioned by Lund University to the 50-year celebration of the eurythmics class at the Malmö Academy of Music. The piece is choreographed by eurythmics professor Ann-Krestin Vernersson.


Drone and Delay Music performed

111031, 1930, Palladium, Malmö, Sweden

During this concert with ContemporarY Ensemble (CYE) the pieces Drone Music and Delay Music is performed for the first time in this context.

Consensus music performed

110525, 1215, Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden

Consensus Music is performed by Ensemble for New Music at Malmö Academy of Music.

Performance of Consensus Music at Klubb C-Y:23

110426, 20:00, Bastionen, Malmö, Sweden

Consensus Music is performed by ContemporarY Ensemble in the concert Klubb C-Y:23, reCall.

Strange electronic music in Malmö

110224, 2000, Klubb C-Y:22, Bastionen, Malmö, Sweden

Konstig Elektronisk Musik (Strange Electronic Music) is a group of six musicians (voice, recorders, laptops) perform five different pieces by the members while keeping the ensemble in focus. One of the pieces is Drone Music, composed by Klaverdal.

The group is Eiko Furukawa, Annie Lönngren, Ida Höög, Peter Bjuhr, Daniel Hjorth and Stefan Klaverdal