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New piece for male choir

180415 1800, Höja church, Ängelholm, Sweden

A new piece for the 118 years old male choir Ängelholms kvartettsångare is premiered in Höja church. The piece is written on a text by Nobel price winner Per Lagerkvist.

The commission was made with funds from Körcentrum syd.

Choir music on tour

170525-26, Merserburg and Halle, Germany
170521, Allhelgona church, Lund, Sweden
171015, Allhelgona church, Lund Sweden

Choir pieces ”Jag såg en ängel” and ”Hör rösten från himlen” is performed by Allhelgona Motettkör and Johan-Magnus Sjöberg on tour in Germany and on concerts in Sweden.

Vägen framför andra on Choir aid

170318, 19:00, Cathedral of Lund, Sweden

Vägen framför andra is performed by all choirs participating in Choir aid 2017 in the Cathedral of Lund.

New pieces for Malmö Opera

130914, 14:00, Malmö Opera, Malmö, Sweden

Vad är grenens fel? Five new pieces for childrens choir and string quartet are premiered and quasi-staged at Malmö Opera in a gala concert for the Malmö Opera Childrens Choir, celebrating five years as a choir.
Conductor and leader is Kristina Wessman-Svensson.

New choral piece in Vadstena

20130525, 1800, Vadstena klosterkyrka, Sweden

Rosa Rorans Bonitatem, a new piece for choir and optional computer is premiered. The piece is based on or referring to St. Birgitta especially written to the church (with 7 seconds of reverberation!) and commissioned by the choir Mälarton from Stockholm.

Other pieces by Klaverdal: Hör, rösten från himlen (choir version and version for solo and piano),  Klart porlande vatten, När nattens mörker föll. Also live performance by Klaverdal.


New piece at Morup Music Days

20130511, Morup, Falkenberg, Sweden

Jag ville vara en annan,  a new piece on lyrics by Per Lagerkvist for Essens:1 and choir is performed in a program with arrangements by Klaverdal of several other classical and popular tunes. Read more here.

Pieces by Klaverdal: Jag ville vara en annan, All is full of love (Björk – arr), O Virtus Sapientiae (Hildegard von Bingen), Misrau Ca (only Essens:1)


Ser du Människa? – music event and mass for choir, actors and computer

20121020, 22:00, Lunds Domkyrka, Lund, Sweden

Ser du människa?”  is not only a concert. It is neither only a service or a play. It is perhaps a state of being, where you are invited to meditate.
Based on texts from the Book of Revelations, Olof Hartman, and Arne H Lindgren this event explores ways of relating to text, sounds, music and space  within the context of the church, containing a choir, actors, computer, and a mass.

Choir: Saxenborn Singers, Conductor: Joachim Saxenborn, Actors: Kerstin Andersson, Matthias Thorbjörnsson, Priest: Lena Sjöstrand, Computer: Stefan Klaverdal

The event is a part of  a larger project including a sound installation and readings of the texts.  This event occurs as part of the Lund International Choral Festival and readings of the texts in relation to the installation.

First performance of Common Music at Slussen, Stockholm

20121011, 17:30, Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden

First performance of the open piece Common Music during Nordic Music Days 2012. The piece is composed for any ensemble of at least 6 people, and performance is made by a large variety of people, from singers to accordionplayers. It is commissioned and composed especially to Nordic Music Days 2012.

Vägen framför andra in Båstad

121006, 12:00, Ängelholms kyrka, Ängelholm, Sweden
121006, 18:00, Båstad kyrka, Båstad, Sweden

Vägen framför andra for mixed choir is performed by Ängelholms Vokalensemble and Robert Hallberg (cond.).

Choir piece in Helsingborg

120601, 18:00, Den gode herdens kyrka, Helsingborg, Sweden

Vägen framför andra is performed with Ängelholms Vokalensemble and Robert Hallberg (cond.).